"The man was tall and regal, with perfect posture and a graceful gait. His hair was silver and perfectly trimmed, and his elegant features, strong jaw, and piercing eyes completed the look of a man who had once been among the greatest of Jedi. He wore a black cape, clipped at his neck by a silver chain, and a black shirt and pants of the finest materials. In looking at him, in feeling his presence, Obi-Wan understood that nothing less would ever suit this one."

- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Attack of the Clones novelization (via suzcatonmars)

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It feels so strange being here at this place in this circumstance. Years ago we removed one child from Tatooine thinking him to be the Galaxy’s greatest hope. Now I have returned one with the same goal in mind. I h o p e i t g o e s b e t t e r t h i s t i m e . 

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he never has

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Uncle Owen, this R2 unit has a bad motivator, look!

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Are you sure this thing is safe?

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Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.

Little does Luke know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new armored space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Death Star.

When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…

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You love him, don’t you?

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his hands, all covered in blood: a mix for the ghost of anakin skywalker haunting the shell of his former self 

(L I S T E N  H E R E)

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★ star wars meme | 3/8 lightsaber battles:

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Grievous
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why is Obi getting the attractiveness beaten out of him so fun to watch

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"Certainly took him long enough this time."

look at that damn smirk

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literally every artist: please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E
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